• How to Shape & Define Brows

How to Shape & Define Brows

Step 1: Sculpt

Create a personalized guideline by outlining your eyebrows with Camouflage Oil Free or Concealer Under Eye using the Eyeliner/Brow Brush. This brush allows you to create a clean, thin line. You want to choose a concealer shade two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Step 2: Define

With featherlight strokes, define the natural brow line and fill in any sparse areas with the Precise Micro Browliner. You may choose to use two different shades to create a custom color. Use the spoolie brush on the end of the pencil to carefully blend the browline. This long lasting brow pencil formula is wax-based, so it glides on skin and won’t smudge.

Step 3: Refine

Further customize your brow shade and add depth with Brow Powder Duo and the Dual Brow Brush. The stiff bristles allow for control and easily deposit color. This step creates dimension and softens pigment for a more natural looking brow.

Step 4: Sculpt

Blend the concealer guide outward to fuse into your foundation. Lightly pat the concealer in with your finger to finish blending the edges.

Step 5: Set

To tame unruly brow texture and extend wearability, set brows with a light application of Brow Gel or brow wax from the Brow Quad. If you have grey hair showing through, use a tinted brow gel.

Brow wax has a strong hold and  is usually recommended to tame coarse hair to help the hair to lay in place easier. It gives a more dramatic and groomed look to the brow. Brow gel is a softer grooming product with light to medium hold. With both wax and gel, you want to use a very small amount to set the brows in place.

For a more natural brow look, follow our natural brow tutorial.